Minnesota Dairy Initiative

Dairy Development & Profitability
Enhancement Program

Established to Energize a Healthy and Vibrant Dairy Industry in Minnesota

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There is no denying the trying economic time in not only the dairy industry but also in agriculture as a whole. The Minnesota Dairy Initiative (MDI) program has become more important than ever to help dairy farms improve their business.

MDI reaches dairy farmers one-on-one with a team perspective utilizing industry professionals such as veterinarians, nutritionists, Farm Business Management instructors, University of MN extension educators. Together the team works with the farm to help improve its business. Topics may include farm transition, expansion planning, milk quality issues, etc.

In an effort to better serving dairy farms and improving our overall program, we request you fill out this survey: https://z.umn.edu/MDIsurvey. After 20 years of reaching dairy farms, we recognize the needs of farms are different today. Your responses will help us create a stronger framework to meet your needs. We know your time is valuable. We gratefully appreciate your input.

Our Mission

MDI's mission is to help existing and potential dairy producers succeed through team-based on-farm education, resources and networking.

When you have a team that is working together for your business, the business will succeed far better than doing it on your own. That's why I like working with the MN Dairy Initiative Program.

Martin County Dairy Producer